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In a distant galaxy there exists a red giant sun with the name Kauria. When it was little it had six planets. But with its growth to a giant red sun five of them  were consumed. Only the last one, called Tsumetai, escaped from that desaster because of its far away position.


The icy and crystalled planet always had a poisonous atmosphere which was deadly for human beings.

When the old and wise fairies found Tsumetai, they also got these information. Even if it was so they opened a gate and sent a scout to the planet with the order to find out how dangerous these poison really was. When the scout came back he had such a nice air flowing around him that all the other knew that it was a success!

But how could that be?


Thousand years later:

The fairy empress decided to resign because of her bad illness. So she called for the three candidates. The candidates will be tested in several quests. On the last day the Oracle will chose the new empress.

These is the story about Fayrene which is one of the candidates for the empress.

Install instructions

Oh oh.... i found a bug myself.... its in front of the cave entrance by the stone! If you got the quest for collecting the rare red-kri-fruit and the rare cave moss the stone in front of the cave is activated. 

Dont speak to the stone from the downside! It will stop the game and you cant do anything anymore! Speak either from the left or right side to the stone! 

I will fix that now and upload the fixed version after the igmc2017 when the upload-service is open again!


Tsumetai.zip 185 MB

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